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We were founded by a group of people who met via a social network in 2008. We have numerous accounts you should follow and post on!

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Dead Raibead's forum and chat room are both mobile and tablet friendly.

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Meet new friends that all share at least one thing in common... being a huge Celtic Supporter

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Our virtual Celtic Supporters Club. Post in our chat or forum during the match and share your opinions.

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Our Story

In 2008, we were a small group of college students who bonded over a mutual interest in the Glasgow Celtic Football Club on a Facebook fan group. Those original members were of diverse heritage and background, and scattered across North America—from Nova Scotia and Vancouver to Florida and Texas.

We moved our discussion threads from Facebook long ago, and our original members have graduated from college and are starting families of their own (hail hail, little tims!)—but we still banter on the boards with old and new friends alike.

Our members have met up several times in different places from Philadelphia and Chicago to Dayton, Ohio. Most of us gathered in Philadelphia for the last Celtic match on American soil. We were featured on the American broadcast before the match.

For those of us who bleed the Glasgow green and white, the forums on Na Dead Raibead are a place where we can partake and create our own firm base of fan support and feel free to talk about anything and everything. Celtic FC has an avid supporter base in its home of Glasgow, but the continued growth of NDR proves that the appeal of the hoops need not be based on geographic proximity. Even if you live in Scotland, Ireland, or Argentina—sign up and chat! We welcome you with open arms—remember, you never walk alone.

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More Than A Team, More Than A Forum

Here are some of our forums

Celtic Forum

Fellow tims, here you can dive into the boards and discuss all things relating to the hoops and Scottish Premiership Football League.

The Pub

In the mood for a pint? Sorry, we can’t help you with that, but as in your local watering hole, here you can feel free to discuss anything—these boards are unrestricted by topic. You have been warned!

World Football

Sometimes we just want to talk about a team that’s not in Glasgow—here is where you’ll find boards on everything and anything related to the sport on a global scale. We have two dedicated sections for Hamburg’s St Pauli FC and Mexico's Santos Laguna.

Pictures from NDR Meetups

Philadelphia, Chicago, Dayton and New York

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